2 thoughts on “My Adventures in Tagging-Land

  1. Great analogy with the Home Depot plants (Lowes forever though!). I agree; I think we’ve all used tagging to some degree and just not called it “tagging.” I’ll bet we’ll all surprise ourselves a little when we look back on our LibGuides and LS560 website metatags and come to the conclusion that when used seriously tags can be appreciated. #totallylikeIknowright

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    • Well, Lowe’s was sold out of tomato plants (the original intent of my plant shopping), so I kind of had to visit Home Depot! 🙂 But Lowe’s should reward you for your brand loyalty. I agree with you! It’s amazing to reflect upon just how often I use tags everyday, but overlooked them before this class/assignment. Where would we be in retail without tags? And goodness knows that billions of pet owners would be facing a sea of undifferentiated animals!


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